Wildlife Conservation Dogs



Since 2014 Malpeet K9 Academy has been developing a unique programme of training and delivering of anti-poaching (tracker) dogs in Africa. Our approach to training the handler and the dog as a team from the first day of training has proven to be effective, especially in wildlife conservation.

Our specialist anti-poaching dog programme includes the following services: 

• Provide written technical and cost proposal
• Supply fully trained tracking canines
• Provide training in canine care and handling at Malpeet K9 Academy in the UK.
• Export and deliver the canines by air
• Provide a 32-day tracker dog handler training programme at the client’s facilities
• Provide qualified instructional staff for initial training
• Provide an independent final assessment / accreditation
• Provide templates for training and operational deployment records
• Provide accreditation guidelines
• Provide independent accreditation testing to robust standards to ensure
credibility and integrity

Please read our case study if you would like to know more or get in touch to see how we can help.