Tony Yeo


Tony became an instructor for Malpeet K9 Academy in 2009 after nearly 36 years service with South Wales Police. He joined the police in 1973 and worked in the Cardiff area until 1986 when he became a dog handler and worked a General Purpose Dog until 1995 when he was also given one of the first two Drug Detection Dogs to be handled by uniformed officers in South Wales. In 1997 he became a Home Office Instructor and took continuation training and was attached to the dog training school in Bridgend when required.

In April 2003 he transferred into the dog training school on a permanent basis where he was responsible for all the Drug Detection dog training within the South Wales force area. He also trained dogs for Jersey Police, Guernsey Police, HM Prison Service and other Police forces in the UK. Tony has delivered a number of Passive Drug courses, Passive Explosive basic course and developed the Cadaver/Crime Scene capability within South Wales Police. Since working with Malpeet Tony has trained a number of dogs that have deployed overseas and has helped in the development of the new qualification being the NASDU level 2 award for Passive Scanning Detection Dog teams accredited by HABC. He has also successfully run a number of initial passive courses and regularly holds continuation training days. We feel very privileged to have Tony on board with Malpeet K9 Academy a patient sympathetic instructor with years of dog handling and training experience to share.