Security Patrol Dog Teams

A trained Malpeet K9 Security patrol Dog Team is capable of the following:

  • Can be teamed with one or two handlers.
  • A trained dog can be employed 7 days a week for at least 16 hours in every 24 hours, providing that an undisturbed rest period of at least 8 hours is included in the 24 hours.
  • Because of their reputation, the use of Security Patrol Dogs will deter many would be intruders from attempting to enter a guarded area.
  • Most intruders when challenged by a handler with a Security Patrol Dog will submit without trouble.
  • Because of their keen sense of smell and hearing the dog is more likely to detect intruders who would be missed by a normal patrolling security officers.
  • When the dog has given a silent indication to the handler of the presence of an intruder, it is possible to approach the intruder unobserved and take appropriate action i.e,
    • (i) Go for help (or call for assistance by radio).
    • (ii) Lay in wait for the intruder to enter the establishment.
    • (iii) Let your presence be known.
  • It is almost impossible for a fleeing intruder to escape from an experienced Security Patrol Dog Team. The dog will track using its keen sense of smell, locate the intruder and if necessary protect the handler by holding the intruder by the arm until commanded to leave by its handler.
  • It is virtually impossible for an intruder to carry out a surprise attack on the handler by creeping up or laying in wait for him. The dog will alert the handler to the presence of the intruder and this fact is a great boost to handlers moral when they have to patrol large isolated areas.
  • A Security Patrol Dog can also be used to escort the movement of persons under arrest or large sums of money and other valuable items.