Reserve Duty System for Explosive Detection Dog Handlers ( RDS / EDD )


In the current security climate the use of explosive detection dogs or sniffer dogs is becoming increasingly more in demand from many industry sectors. Due to the increased demand, we intend to operate a RESERVE / RETAINED EXPLOSIVE DETECTION DOG HANDLER TEAM CAPABILITY. The retained explosive detection dog teams will be trained and managed by Malpeet k9 Academy for any available deployments or tasks.

Reserve Duty System for explosive detection dog handlers
RDS dog handler is a retained dog handler working the Retained Duty System (RDS),  on-call in the United Kingdom who may have full-time employment outside of Malpeet k9 Academy. RDS dog handlers are able to respond to short term call outs of 1 – 20 days.

Retained Explosive detection dog handlers are trained at no cost to the handler by Malpeet K9 Academy. We will be holding an information and recruitment day in the Cardiff area on the 20th September 2017.

You could be an RDS EDD handler with a full-time job or other commitments. This is not for individuals looking for a full-time explosive detection dog handling employment. You Must have a flexible work/life balance that will allow for initial training of 30 days split over a period of 4- 6 months, at Least one weekend every month for training and available for deployments of up to 20 days (paid) per year.

1. Do I need my own dog? 
No, all dogs will be supplied and owned by Malpeet k9.
2. I have my own dog can I train and qualify with it ? 
No, all dogs will be supplied and owned by Malpeet K9.
3. I have no previous experience working professionally with dogs, is this a problem? Not at all, as we will provide full training.
4. I am not serving or ex police, military or emergency services, is this a concern?
No,not at all.
5. Do I have to pay for my training?
No, dthe training is completely free of charge, however you will be asked to sign an agreement to work the Retained Duty system for a minimum of three years after completion of your initial training. The cost of this particular course commercially is £3,950.00 not including accommodation or the dog.
6. Do I have to keep the dog at home once trained?
Yes, however the dog must be kennelled and not kept in the house. We will assist with the purchase or building a suitable kennel. Access to suitable outside space is required to place the kennel.
7. What breeds of dogs are used?
Generally hunting / working type breeds such as Spaniels , Labradors , Pointers , Collies and cross breeds.
8. How many EDD dog handlers are we hoping to train and recruit and over what time scale?
We hope to have at least four trained teams by early 2018. Working on an additional four every 12 months depending on demand and success of the programme.
9. How long is the training?
Initial training is a minimum of 32 days including assessments. This will be split over 3 x 9 day modules being one week including the weekends. Split over six months being one week every other month (9 days). Followed by one long weekend of final team assessments.
10. Will I be paid?
You will be paid in minimum flat rate of £200 per task of up to 8 hours for operational work. You will however not be paid for training this includes both initial training of 32 days and continuation training of one weekend every month at our Academy in South Wales .
11. Is there a minimum call out fee paid fee?
Yes, it’s £200.
12. Is accommodation if required and travel paid when on operational tasks?
13. How many days per year MUST I attend operationally?
To be confirmed however we estimate 20 days per year.
14. How will I paid?
By bank transfer on the 15th of each month.
15. Am I free to work as an explosive detection dog handler for other security organisations?
No, this is not permitted.
16. Am I likely to earn a full-time income?
17. What happens if after a year I wish to leave?
We will require all your equipment and dog to be returned firstly in a timely manner. We will calculate the cost of your initial training against your three years commitment to the scheme three years minus one year equals two years. You will then be required to pay the difference.
18. If I leave can I keep my dog?
No, as the dog is owned by Malpeet K9 Academy, the dog remains as our company property.
19. What happens if I am unable to attend an operational task?
We will work out a rota system so you have a reasonable idea when you are on standby.
20. Do I need to drive and own my own suitable vehicle?
21. I live a long way from your Academy in South Wales, is that a problem?
No, however you will need to consider travel time and costs involved.
22. Is there a minimum or maximum age limit?
Minimum age limit 21 years, there is no maximum age limit. However you should be aware that the operational tasks are physically demanding.
23. What happens when my dog becomes too old to work?
You will be given the option to adopt the dog or we will rehome the dog for retirement.
24. Will I have to pay for my dogs food and veterinary care?
No, we will take care of all costs as the dogs are owned by Malpeet K9 Academy.
25. What if I need to go on holiday in relation to the call out system?
We will work out a rota system.
26. Where will my dog go when I go on holiday?
The dog will be returned to us for the period you are away .
27. Will you provide accommodation whilst in training?
Yes, at no cost to you.
28. Will you provide food during training?
No, however you will have access to a kitchen to prepare your own meals.
29. I’m a detection handler working in the security industry already may I apply?
30. I’m a former dog handler within the private security industry may I apply?
31. I’m a former emergency services / police / military dog handler, may I apply?
32. Will you require Trainers?
33. Am I Likely to be deployed abroad?
Yes, in most cases within Europe, however our priority is the United Kingdom.
34. How long hours / days should I expect to be away from whilst on a duty task?
You may be away from home from 12 hours to up to three or four days at a time.

If you have an interest to know more about RDS, we will answer any questions you have and arrange initial interviews on the day for those who wish to proceed.

PLEASE EMAIL AN EXPRESSION OF INTEREST TO ATTEND THE BRIEFING/INTERVIEW IN CARDIFF ON SEPTEMBER 20th 2017 ( venue to be confirmed via email timings 1030 am – 1630 hrs ) please email