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Danger Dogs
Danger Dogs – National Geographic

Malpeet History

1965– Malpeet Kennels was opened by Pat Mallin and Major Peter Mallin (parents of our MD Simon Mallin) when Major Peter Mallin retired from the British Army. Malpeet Kennels was a local business based in South Wales providing the following services dog breeding , grooming salon and a showing / boarding Kennels. This business continued to run and was managed by Pat Mallin until she retired in 1997 being 32 years in total. The name Malpeet came from the combination of ‘Pete’ (Peter Mallin) and ‘Mallin’ (the family name)

1995-1999– Simon Mallin left the British Army to launch a K9 security and training company namely Malpeet Security Dogs Ltd. This business provided both operational and k9 training services throughout the United Kingdom. The business grew quickly however in the late 90s Simon made the decision to move overseas to concentrate on other business opportunities.

1997-2000– Simon moved to the Philippines to establish a security and K9 school being Malpeet Training Services Inc. operating out of Subic Bay-a former US naval base up until the year 2000. This company provided both security and canine training including the supply of trained dogs in various disciplines throughout the region.

2000-2008– Simon worked privately as a specialist canine consultant throughout the Middle East including some of the worlds hot-spots.

2008-Simon returned to the UK to establish Malpeet K9 Academy . The rest is history !

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