Michelle from Swansea attended a Passive Drug Detection Dog Handlers Course.

“Doing the passive drugs course in October was I must admit, very hard, both mentally and physically, but I’d still do it all over again. Each day is completely different. I liked it how you had a chance to train at a variety of places including, shopping centres, town centres, train stations etc We even got to experience training in the evening with the door staff at various Night Clubs in Swansea. This was something I thoroughly enjoyed as I eventually hope to work with Passive Drug Detection Dogs, providing a service for pubs, night clubs and music events.

I was even given the opportunity to handle two very different dogs during the course and as well as it being very challenging it was also very rewarding as I was also learning how every dog is different in their ability to work. Tony, Simon and Stu are superb trainers, they are always there to help and advise you in every aspect of the course. They continuously support you and any doubts or worries you have they will always do their best to solve the problem. They are easy to get along with people but very professional at the same time, they will always share their working experiences with you and tell you the different ways in which things can be done. I actually don’t think there was any part of the course that I did not enjoy. I had my fair share of highs and lows but its all part of the learning process and I think without them you wouldn’t put the 100% commitment into the course that’s needed. Thank you very much Malpeet K9 Academy!”