Malpeet K9 Services

Malpeet K9 provide a number of Specialist Dog Services.

All of our handlers hold recognised industry qualification and of-course have an SIA licence as a minimum requirement. Our Dog Unit has dedicated managers and trainers who are either ex military or police. Some have also gained additional experience with in the private sector in hostile environments such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

Patrol Dog Teams

We can provide a dog team to carry out foot patrols of your facility. The dogs normally German Shepherds are well trained and under control at all times. They are ideally used on large vulnerable sites where foot patrols can be carried out. This is particularly useful for special events such as music festivals. Normally the mere site of a Patrol Dog Team will deter potential intruders.

Drugs Dog Teams

We have highly trained dog teams that can carry out either a pro-active search of your premises or passive dogs can be used to scan people normally when they are entering a facility. Ideally used on licensed premises, public events such as music festivals, educational facilities or large corporate organisations. We can provide a covert service if preferred at night so your staff may not even be aware.

Explosive Detection Dog Teams

Obviously the threat of Improvised Explosive Devices is very real in today’s world. Our explosive detection dog teams can search buildings, routes, vehicles and open areas either on a regular contractual basis or for one off occasions during heightened security periods. The teams can search almost anywhere such as offices, outside areas, car parks, vehicles and belongings. Please contact us for further details.

The Sale of Dogs

We will only sell dogs to qualified individuals or reputable organisations regardless of whether they’re in the UK or overseas. All trained dog sales include a one day re-team for qualified handlers within the sale price. Handler’s courses are run throughout the year or for overseas customers we can deliver handler training or re-teams in-country. We can arrange export for all dogs. For further details and costing please contact us direct.