Lee Weaver

Instructor / Trainer / Assesor

Lee served 30 years in Gloucestershire Police, from 1981 until 2011, 12 as a police constable and 18 years as a police sergeant. He worked mainly at Gloucester and Cheltenham and carried out various roles in uniform, from a village bobby, to response and CID. As a Sergeant, he worked as a front line response supervisor, as well as working on Support Group, Custody and Control Room. From 1997 until 2004, he was the force Dog Section Sergeant, responsible for 16 handlers and a civilian administration officer. Lee also worked a General Purpose and Explosive Search Dog and became a qualified ACPO instructor in both roles.

On retiring from the police in 2011, Lee re-qualified his police Explosives Search dog through NASDU with us here at Malpeet K9 Academy. He then took up a trainers role with G4S, taking an explosives vehicle search course, before working at The London Olympic Park as an explosives search dog handler and continuation trainer, where he was responsible for the daily continuation training of 21 search dog handlers. During The 2012 London Olympics, Lee moved from G4S to Tyler Security, where he worked as an explosive search dog handler at Hyde Park and Victoria Park, covering events there. Since the Olympics, Lee has kept his training up to date with his explosive detection dog through Malpeet and in 2013 qualified as a NASDU Affiliated Trainer, able to train and assess General Purpose, Explosive and Drugs Detection Dog Teams.