K9 Academy

Geographical Location

Malpeet K9 Training Academy is located in a tranquil setting backing onto the black mountains and Brecon Beacons.

Located in South Wales the Academy is a short distance from the M4 motorway with excellent access to the UK’s road network with London being 160 miles, Birmingham 110 miles and Manchester 190 miles.

Security Dog Training by its very nature consists of a large amount of practical training and the Academy’s location provides easy access to both rural and urban locations, providing live and realistic training venues.
Competent handlers are generally those that have built up a good bond between themselves and their dogs especially during training. Due to the Academy’s location residential training is offered with on-site accommodation and kennelling.

Qualifications (Development)

Malpeet K9 Training Academy is unique in its development of qualifications and over the past few years has assisted the National Association of Security Dog Users with the following qualifications.

Each qualification has been developed to provide the learner with the basic skills, knowledge and understanding required to ensure a professional level of service in the ever increasing and demanding private security sector.

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To ensure that these qualifications are fit for purpose Malpeet K9 Academy at the request of NASDU has run pilot courses for all the search dog qualifications and with its team of highly experienced tutorial staff has assisted with the development of theoretical training and assessment materials.

Qualifications (Accreditations)

All qualifications provided by Malpeet K9 Training Academy have been developed by NASDU to meet National Occupational Standards for a security dog handler and the training requirements contained in BS8517-1:2009 Code of Practice for the use of a General Purpose Security Dog and/or BS 8517-2:2010 Code of Practice for the use of a Detection Dog.

Whilst the private security dog sector is currently not licensed by the Security Industry Authority (SIA) all training is developed in accordance with SIA requirements including the need for all Instructors/Trainers to hold a Level 3 teaching qualification – Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS).

All qualifications are awarded by Highfield Awarding Body for compliance (HABC) an Awarding Body authorized by the regulatory authority OFQUAL and recognized by the SIA as a body providing licence to practice qualifications to the private security sector. In addition the Skills Body for the private sector and for those learners achieving the Level 4 certificate for an Explosive Detection Dog Handler; this qualification is also endorsed by the Institute of Munitions Clearance & Search Engineers (IMCSE).

Method of Provision

All qualifications provided by Malpeet K9 Training Academy are generally delivered as a residential course over a number of days and split into one or two modules. The training being a mixture of theory and practical tuition of sufficient duration to ensure competency. Each programme is supported by a manual which is issued to support pre course study, together with mid term study whenever the course is split into two modules.

Quality of Provision

All Malpeet K9 Training Academy tutorial staff are highly qualified and motivated professionals in their relevant fields of expertise, being drawn from either the Police or Military. They have a wealth of service experience both in the UK and in theatre overseas. Find out more about our instructors by visiting Meet the Malpeet Team page.

Cost of Provision

Malpeet K9 Training Academy has always provided cost effective training which is confirmed by the numbers of learners returning for continuation training and/or additional training to advance their skills.

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