Jeremy Bryon

Assistant EDD Trainer

I joined the Army in 1984 and was posted to Sennelager Germany. Whilst there I met Lenny a civilian attack dog handler working in the ammunition depot I was posted to. He was ex-British Army and served as an AES handler with the Army Dog Unit NI. Lenny was on a day off. His attack dog somehow got out of his kennel causing chaos and mayhem with squaddies running in all directions to get away from him. I saw Lenny’s dog and shouted “Get in your kennel”, much to my amazement and everyone else’s the dog obeyed and I shut the kennel door behind him. Calm returned. When Lenny returned the next day and found out what happened and what I did he told me his dog never listened to anyone but himself! I knew the ADU NI was for me. In 1985 I was posted to the ADU NI worked a GP dog then AES dog until 1988.

I was then posted to the UK as part of an RAOC EOD/IED team until I left the Army in 1990. I worked in Kuwait immediately after the Iraq war as a civilian explosives officer. I joined Hampshire police in 1995 with a short stint in Merseyside police before returning to Hampshire and retiring in 2014. I decided I wanted to return to working an explo dog, now known as EDD. I knew of Simon due to our mutual ADU NI service and contacted him. I visited Malpeet K9 Academy and spoke to Simon. We got on, spoke the same ‘dog’ language and I
liked the setup and the way the courses were run. In January 2015 I started my course and teamed up with Penny an 18-month-old English springer spaniel. We stayed as a team throughout the course. This is not always the case if a team doesn’t gel! Having completed the course and licensed I now work as a freelance contractor EDD handler. Later in 2015 I assisted Simon to train 8 green dogs for EDD work. Having done that I have now qualified as a NASDU assistant trainer, in addition I  am now an assistant trainer for Malpeet K9 Academy working towards full NASDU trainer status, this role involves assisting Malpeet trainers in the delivery of the course program and assisting with the training of explosive detection dogs for overseas deployments.