James Davies

James Davies from South Wales attended a General Purpose Dog Handlers Course in September 2010

“After being in my current job for the past five years I felt there was time for a change. I have owned and kept working dogs like lurchers and collies for a number of years and have also been a fan of police dogs and the way they work. About 18 months ago I introduced a close friend of mine to a man I knew who owned and trained dobermans. My friend then purchased his own dog and went on a NASDU EDI Level 2 GP Security Dog Handling Course with Simon Mallin at Malpeet K9 Academy. After showing an interest in this kind of work my friend took me to meet Simon Mallin and spend a day watching how the course was run and what was involved. After my visit my mind was made up I had to do this for a living as it combined my love of dogs and my current job perfectly!!I asked Simon to send me all the relevant information and forms which he did promptly and soon enough I was booked on a course The 6th September came soon enough and it was day one of the course. As I do not currently own my own dog I had to borrow a course dog.

I was shown to a kennel to meet my dog for the course. He was an eighteen month old Rottweiler named “Taff”. It was explained to us all the correct way to approach and enter a kennel and we were told that first we all needed to bond with our dogs. Taff was a “green dog” which meant that he had never done anything like this before so I had my work cut out. Taff was a very strong dog as I found out on day three of the course when I went on a 12 mile walk. During the walk we had to keep the dogs at heel. Taff didn’t really get the hang of it and had to be reminded for the whole 12 miles!! I really enjoyed the course, the scenarios were intense and realistic. They made you think constantly of all the things you had been taught from the week like field craft and conflict management.

You had to watch your dog for any signs as well as keeping the both of you safe. Couldn’t say which part of the course I enjoyed the most as I loved it all. I met some interesting people and made some great mates and learned a heap of new things. I was lucky enough to be taken to the NASDU Trials with Simon where I learnt even more about the industry. We had a great time and I hope to enter myself next year. Towards the end of this year I am hoping to purchase my first dog, a Belgian Malinois cross German Shephard from John Rumble in Leominster. I am going to train it to work with and compete within Schutzund and the NASDU Trials. My goal is to seek employment and make a career of working with dogs. I would eventually like to become an Instructor. All this is starting to become possible thanks to Simon at Malpeet K9 Academy.”