Explosive Detection Dogs (UK)

Homeland Security – Explosive Detection Dogs

We provide Explosive Detection Dog (EDD) teams to search for explosives in or on vehicles, planes, boats, packages, buildings and outside areas. Our detection teams are equipped to be effective in almost any kind of environment.

We can deploy UK wide for long or short-term undertakings and have particular experience of working in the worlds hot spots.

Very simply, we provide trained dog teams to search for explosives and/or improvised explosive devices (IED’s). This can be in response to a direct known threat, for example you may suspect that that explosives will or are being smuggled into your facility. You may wish to have a highly visible deterrent with dogs searching vehicles and people passing through your entry check points (ECP’s). Perhaps you intend to hold a conference and require the reassurance of knowing that our dogs have searched your facility.

In the case of a hotel venue where VIP’s will be staying, we can be tasked to search rooms before delegates arrive and can repeat this process regularly for the duration of their stay.We are able to deploy for a one off short term tasking or can provide a more continuous long term presence.

We can work along side your existing security personnel or, using our own resources arrange suitable security staff, vehicles and equipment.

Our dogs are not trained in aggression. In fact the opposite is true. This enables us to work in close proximity to the client, security staff and the general public. We primarily use Spaniels and Labradors due to their friendly nature and keenness to work. The dogs have been trained to travel in all types of transport so are fit to work relatively quickly once we arrive at a deployment site.

For further information on the use and hire of explosive detection dog teams please contact us.

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email: info@malpeetk9security.com