Drug Detection Dogs



At Malpeet K9 we are able to provide dog teams for both Passive Scanning (detection of illegal substances on people) and Pro-active Search (the detection of illegal substances in buildings, open areas and vehicles) Businesses including educational facilities and licensed premises should make every effort to maintain a drug-free environment. This can be a challenge for most organisations whilst drug testing options are available drug detection dogs are the least invasive method of deterring drugs from your business. Malpeet K9 drug detection service is simple to implement, allows for facility wide coverage, and is cost effective and non-disruptive.

All our handlers hold the relevant NASDU qualification and in compliance with BS 8517 – 2:2016

We recommend random periodic visits with you determining the frequency. These random inspections create a strong deterrent against anyone selling or using drugs at your organisation. We normally inspect common areas, including canteens, lockers, and parking areas as well as warehouses, office areas, and desks. We also provide specialist teams at entry points to scan people entering your facility. In the event of one of our teams giving an indication, the area or the person will be indentified to your own security personnel or management.
All our dogs are generally either spaniels or Labradors and are chosen for their friendly nature. Hence are safe to work in and around your customers and staff.

For information on how to apply:

Tel: 0845 519 2359

email: info@malpeetk9security.com