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Dogs are currently being trained and will be available in EDD, DDD, Tracker Anti-Poaching, Trophy Detection (Conservation dogs), Pyrotechnic Detection, Live Body Detection and Patrol Dogs.

Trained Dogs For Sale

Please email for more information about our trained dogs for sale in the UK and overseas.

Fully Trained Detection Dog Package for Qualified Handlers £3850 inc. VAT

For qualified EDD and DDD teams only. Our Trained Detection Dog package are suitable for
1- Nasdu qualified dog handlers who requires a second or replacement dog.
2- ACPO / DAC qualfied handlers applying for RPL.

The package includes-
1- Trained dog
2- Five day re-team
3- Five nights onsite accommodation
4- Scent ID testing
5- Nasdu team assesment
6- Nasdu certification
7- Six months complimentary CT
8- Nasdu qualified trainers throughout the process with proven track records.
9- Real drugs and live explosives
10 – Training records from A-Z

To find out more about the package, please email
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  • DOB- 04/05/16
  • Male Pointer/ Springer
  • Fully Trained Explosive Detection
  • Floor to shoulders – 60cm
  • Tail to nose – 101cm
  • Height sitting – 72cm
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  • 1 year and 8 months old
  • Female Springer Spaniel
  • Tested and ready for detection course
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  • DOB – 20/02/16
  • Male Golden Roan Cocker
  • Fully Trained Explosive Detection
  • Floor to shoulders – 42cm
  • Tail to nose – 92cm
  • Height sitting – 63cm
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  • Age-21 Months
  • German Short Haired Pointer
  • Proactive and Passive Drug Detection
  • Castrated

  • Age-22 Months
  • English Springer Spaniel Bitch
  • Proactive Drug Detection
Trained Dogs For Sale:

All our trained dogs are micro-chipped with a dog passport.

Breed Types:

The preferred breed types for detection work are Labrador, Retrievers, Springer Spaniels, Cocker Spaniels, Belgiam Malinois and Border Collie dogs.

Classification of dogs:

  • Narcotic Detection (Passive & Proactive)
  • Explosive Detection (Passive & Proactive)
  • Weapons and Ammunition Detection
  • Currency Detection
  • Live Body Detection
  • Crime Scene / Cadaver / Human Remains
  • Protection, Patrol & General Purpose Police

Green Dogs for sale in conjunction with dog handlers course:

Green dogs are untrained dogs which have been selected by us to go through dog handlers training with trainees. Initially two or three dogs will join the training and the trainee will be able to choose a preferred suitable dog after a few days. Upon course completion and passing the NASDU assessment for both trainee and the dog, the handler owns the dog and is responsible for the dog’s general health and welfare.