Diabetic Alert Dogs

Why use a Diabetic Alert Dog?
Dogs can be used as an early warning system for people of all ages with diabetes. The dogs are able to detect when their owners’ blood sugar levels are outside the normal range. The dog can be trained to alert by barking, nudging or pawing the owner. A fully trained scent detection dog can assist with the monitoring of diabetes, and should be used in conjunction with existing health care regimes. Diabetic Alert Dogs can also provide emotional security and a sense of balance for individuals and for those who have loved ones with diabetes. They can help you lead a more confident and independent lifestyle.

How to start the process of acquiring a Diabetic Alert Dog?
To acquire a Diabetic Alert Dog, please use the contact form at the bottom of this page to get in touch and our representative will contact you to discuss your specific requirements, we will email you a questionnaire and a purchase agreement. With the deposit and the signed purchase agreement returned to us, we can start the process of sourcing a suitable dog for you. You will be invited to a Selection Day to meet your new alert dog.  Once you’ve chosen your dog, it will start a five-week training programme delivered by our NASDU approved trainers with 30 years of training and operational experience from a mixed background of military, Police and private security.

Samples you provide on the Selection Day will be used to train your dog. Mark Anley will continue to support our Diabetic Alert Dog programme as an advisor.

At the end of the dog training programme, we will invite you back for a five-day handler training, during the five days you will learn to care for your new alert dog including K9 first aid, nutrition advice and simple obedience training such as sit and heel.

What happens after the programme? 
We will continue to support and monitor your canine assistant after you have left our training centre. A weekly report should be provided from you for us to review how your canine have settled at home and to spot any issues that may have developed since the completion of the training programme.
We believe finance should not be a reason to stop you obtaining a Diabetic Alert Dog, a payment plan will be available upon request, and we will discuss and design a payment agreement with you to suit your specific needs.

What about public access?
A fully-trained diabetic alert dog trained has the same access rights and is  entitled to wear a ‘working’ harness. We will supply the harness with either “Working Dog” or “Assistance Dog” badge visible and an ID card with you and your dog’s details so it’s clear who is responsible for the dog and why you have the right for access. The rights for access to places revolve around a person’s rights in Law including Equality Laws. The Equality Act 2010 www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2010/15/contents
From our advisor Mark Anley who has delivered Diabetic Alert Dogs programme:
The feedback that I receive from diabetic people/dogs that I have trained is that the alert dogs are being granted access. (It is important that your dog is well behaved and sociable). However there are no certainties that you will not come across a problem at some point.”

What’s included with the dog?
All necessary equipment will be supplied with the dog including: -working dog harness, identification card, standard dog collar, 6ft standard dog lead, sample bag of dog food, dog training and information manual, veterinarian records, tote bag.