Nasdu Level 2 General Purpose Security Dog Handlers Course (Level 2)

Course Features.
  • 50 guided learning hours (GLH's)
  • Training delivered meets requirements of BS85 1 7-1: 2009
  • Practical and written assessments/examinations
  • Scenario based assessments and a final exercise
  • Previous students welcome to attend as refresher / continuation training free of charge - subject to availability

Current Course Dates.
26/01/19 to 01/02/18 Wales 23/03/19 to 29/03/19 Wales 22/06/19 to 29/06/19 Wales 24/08/19 to 30/08/19 Wales 19/10/19 to 25/10/19 Wales

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The NASDU level 2 General Purpose Security Dog
Handlers course aims to provide the learner with the
basic skills, knowledge and understanding required
to ensure the provision of a professional level of
service as a general purpose security dog handler.
This Award has been developed by NASDU to meet
the National Occupational Standards (NOS) for
Security Dog Handling and the training requirements
contained in BS 8517-1:2009. requirements
contained within BS 8517-1:2009

For Whom Suitable
This programme meets the requirements of those
learners who have experience as security officers
who wish to become general purpose security
dog handlers. It would also be suitable for
members of HM Armed Forces, police or prison
officers who wish to take on a general purpose
security dog handler role within the private sector.
This course is always open to novice dog
handlers who wish to start a new career in private
security dog work.

Course Duration
Residential 7 days however learners with an
untrained dog should expect additional learning
hours to achieve NASDU team accreditation (dog &

Prior Learning
All learners should hold an appropriate S.I.A. licence
(unless exempt) and should be trained and
competent in a general security officer role (Unit 1 –
Working in the Private Security Industry
and Unit 2– Working as a Security Officer). If you
have not been trained in either Security Guarding or
Close Protection you will be given a self-study pack
and asked to sit a multi-choice exam during your
course period. If you have applied for your licence
you may attend the course as long as you’ve
completed a recognised course and have proof of
this. Although we will not be able to apply for your
NASDU / EDI certificate until you have a licence
number, learners who have proven GP dog handling
experience as a police, prison officer or a member of
HM Armed Forces within the last 5 years may apply
for accreditation of prior learning (APL) of up to 35
GLH’s. A minimum of 15 GLH’s shall be required for
final assessment and examination to confirm
understanding of the private security industry dog

The assessment shall be carried out by an
Approved NASDU Trainer/Instructor;
internal moderation shall be carried out by
NASDU. There are15 practical
assessments and a multi-choice exam to
complete. You will be continually assessed
throughout with many topics intended to
improve the mental and physical ability of
dog handlers while learning to deal with
conflict situations, violence and terrorism
in realistic scenario based training.

The successful learner can proceed onto
NASDU Advanced Awards, qualified handlers
can also enjoy career progression to Mobile
Patrol Officers / Supervisors, Detection Dog
Handlers and ultimately into Security Dog
Training. This nationally recognised award can
also provide the underpinning knowledge to
assist learners to progress to NVQ’s and higher

Course Content
Unit 01 (10 GLH)
Roles and Responsibilities of a General Purpose
Security Dog Handler
• Handler Qualities
• Legislation
• Control Incidents
• Customer Services
Unit 02 (30 GLH)
Controlling a General Purpose Security Dog under
Operational Conditions
• Control
• Patrol
• Access / Egress
• Arrest
• Incidents
• Search
• Handler Protection
Unit 03 (10 GLH)
Maintaining the Health, Wellbeing and Safety of a
General Purpose Security Dog and Handler
• Health & Well-Being
• Safety Requirements

2018 Continuation Training & Assessment Days
Feb 16th / Apr 13th / May 25th / Jun 22nd / Jul 20th / Aug 24th / Sep 21st / Oct 26th / Nov 23rd / Dec 21st