2 Days Scent ID Training and Assessments

Course Features.
  • 2 days course
  • For either DDD or EDD Nasdu certification on successful completion
  • NASDU approved Trainer/Instructor

Current Course Dates.
14/02/18 to 15/02/18 (Introductory offer (Original price £240)) Wales 11/04/18 to 12/04/18 (Introductory offer (Original price £240)) Wales 23/05/18 to 24/05/18 (Introductory offer (Original price £240)) Wales 20/06/18 to 21/06/18 (Introductory offer (Original price £240)) Wales 18/07/18 to 19/07/18 (Introductory offer (Original price £240)) Wales 22/08/18 to 23/08/18 (Introductory offer (Original price £240)) Wales 19/09/18 to 20/09/18 (Introductory offer (Original price £240)) Wales 24/10/18 to 25/10/18 (Introductory offer (Original price £240)) Wales 21/11/18 to 22/11/18 (Introductory offer (Original price £240)) Wales 19/12/18 to 20/12/18 (Introductory offer (Original price £240)) Wales

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The Scent Recognition Test has been introduced by NASDU in the absence of any formal Home Office guidance. The purpose of this procedure is to provide an objective test to confirm that NASDU Detection Dogs have a measurable ability to identify target scents whilst ignoring identified interferent substances (distractors).

The test has been adopted as best practice and been based on similar tests conducted by DSTL during research projects.

For Whom Suitable

Formal Scent ID Assessment MUST be undertaken by all NASDU Level 4 EDD Handlers as follows:( Nasdu Level 3 Detection Handlers Drugs , Pyro, Bed Bugs etc are advised ( not compulsory ) to attend training and assessments as best practice .

• Initial Training – at completion of initial training which leads to the NASDU L4 Certificate for an EDD Handler qualification endorsed by HABC
• Annual Assessment – during Annual Assessment which leads to a NASDU Annual Team certificate