Anette Rumble

Proactive Drug Dog Handlers Course Review

“I attended the Malpeet K9 pro-active drug detection course in September-October 2012. It had been my intention to bring my own dog to the course, but he sustained an injury and had to be rested. So, Simon kindly lent me two different dogs for the course. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, challenging at times – a great chance for some personal development and honest and constructive feedback from the trainers, allowing me to gain insight into the scope for building the working relationship between dog and handler. The trainers were professional, with many years experience in different disciplines and for me it was time to learn as much as possible in the two 9-day training periods.

The days were intensive, making use of several different live training venues. Each day was different, and I had no trouble sleeping at night! I attended the course as a requirement by the Home Office to hold live drug samples for training, and it has been a huge disappointment to me that having the license and the training, obtaining the samples has proven fraught with difficulties due to the closure earlier this year of the National Forensic Science Lab. There are currently only two laboratories in the UK that are licensed to supply training samples to non law-enforcement agencies, and they appear to have long waiting lists. That said, I now have two dogs ready for work as one of the dogs lent to me for the period of the course came home with me at the end of the course! Both dogs are in work with me on most days, supporting the no-tolerance drug policy at the rehab clinic where I work. We are looking forward to attending regular CT days, meeting up with friends made during the course. Thank you!”