Ali Gerrad

Instructor / Trainer / Assessor

Ali has been involved with working dogs for 30 years, most of his experience having been gained with the Royal Air Force Police. His early years were spent training and handling patrol dogs (German Shepherds) as well as having a three year tour in Cyprus as a patrol dog handler and 18 months on the RAF Police Dog Demonstration Team. Upon promotion he completed his search dog course and became a drugs search dog trainer at the RAF Police Dog Training School.

Following another three year spell in Cyprus as the drug detection search dog handler he was employed at the Defence Animal Centre, Melton Mowbray as a trainer and instructor, training dogs and handlers for the military, HM Customs & Excise and numerous other agencies. On leaving the RAF in 2005 he gained qualified teaching status (QTS) and worked in the private security sector training explosive detection search dogs and handlers in Iraq, Afghanistan and the UK. More recently he has trained fire investigation dogs for the Malaysian Fire Department and escorted them to Malaysia to conduct the re-teaming with their new handlers. Always looking to expand his knowledge and keeping up with new training techniques and ideas he has recently completed a Certificate in Dog Psychology which has broadened his knowledge of behaviour modification in dog training, operant conditioning and shaping. Ali is an accredited NASDU trainer and instructor.